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Turning raw materials into your dream design

It all starts with your idea, and it all ends with a solution that makes this idea a reality. Before one can become the other, there are various manufacturing processes to go through. We have over 70 years’ experience making bathroom products – here’s how we do it.

Raw manufacture

The process of creating a tub starts from a steel blank in one of our large deep drawing presses, which draws the steel down to almost 18 inches at up to 1400 tons of pressure. This gives the steel tub its interior shape. We then cut the metal, machine the rims, and press and stamp the holes for the drain and the overflow. Our experts inspect each individual tub with their practiced eye before the pre-treatment line cleans and scours the material, making the raw product ready for turning it into glazed titanium steel.

The process of making glazed titanium steel

Glass gives your steel tub the brilliant, scratch and acid resistant surface. It consists entirely of natural raw materials. At high temperatures, borax, feldspar, quartz, soda, aluminum and other metal oxides are melted into glass pieces. The glass is ground and mixed with water before being applied to the steel surface by robots. In a continuous furnace, the applied glass powder is melted onto the steel surface at almost 1600 degrees fahrenheit. This process generates an inseparable bond of steel and glass. In the same process, the final surface is achieved by a second glass layer application, which gives the tubs their unique surface finish.


We make no compromises on quality. For this reason, we carry out a double final inspection to ensure that no defective products leave our factory. If the finished product passes this strict examination from our quality controllers, it is securely packaged and prepared for immediate delivery to our valued customers.