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The brand Schmidlin

Swiss-made individuality

We view ourselves as a traditional Swiss family business manufacturing products of the highest quality. But that’s not all. The Schmidlin brand represents a clear and simple promise. With high-quality, made-to-measure products for your bathroom, made with our reliability and expertise, we are with you every step of the way as your Swiss partner.

Our three core values determine how we translate this vision into our everyday work. They shape the way we present ourselves, communicate with our suppliers and customers, manufacture our products and work together with each other.

As a Swiss company, all that we do is based on a solid foundation. At our production facility in Oberarth we manufacture high-quality products featuring the very best in engineering technology. And you can rely on us for punctual delivery – we guarantee short delivery times even for made-to-measure products, and the results speak for themselves.

Lean processes mean our work is fast and free of complications. We accommodate your needs and create the perfect products for you and your bathroom. And we are constantly striving to improve, part of a process we call SchmidLEAN.

high quality
Using the experience of three generations, the tried-and-tested expertise of our highly qualified staff and optimised manufacturing processes, we supply long-lasting bathroom solutions – including made-to-measure options – featuring robust technology, stylish design and superior quality.

Swiss Made

In 1947, Wilhelm Schmidlin founded the first and so far only steel bathtub factory in Switzerland in Oberarth, near Lucerne. Thirty-eight years later Eduard and Margrit Wullschleger-Schmidlin took over management of the family firm, and Beat and Urs Wullschleger have run the business since 2007.

We are proud of our long tradition of innovation and quality. For this reason, we continue to invest in our production facility in Switzerland and remain fully committed to it. We know that you as our customers and business partners want nothing less than the highest-quality Swiss products and services, and that’s exactly what we aim to give you.


As a family business, we work in accordance with the concept of sustainable development. We minimise the environmental impacts of what we do our as far as possible and are aware of our social responsibility towards our employees and fellow human beings.When taking decisions we consider the generations yet to come, and we set great store by cultivating fair and open relationships with our business partners.


Made-to-measure products

We specialise in turning ideas into reality – your ideas. Our made-to-measure products are divided into two ranges: Vario and Custom Designs.

Vario stands for made-to-measure products which are easy to order, with quick delivery and fixed prices. We guarantee delivery within ten working days; if you choose the Subito option, your product can even be delivered to your location within four working days. Made-to-measure Vario products are available for selected bathtub, shower tray, shower area and washbasin models.

Custom Designs open up a world of endless possibilities. The majority of our bathtubs, shower trays, shower areas and washbasins can be extended, shortened, widened or narrowed. Additional options include custom holes, bevelled, rounded or sharp corners, oblique angles and seamless enamel aprons.


Our new online designer allows you to plan and place your order with a minimum of hassle. Visualise the dimensions, shapes and options online and use the configuration code to order from your specialist retailer. Download the CAD data or a PDF file which can be integrated directly into your plans.

To our online designer


A flange is a 3 cm high enamelled upstand of the bathtub rim which is half-covered by wall tiles. This means no silicone is required in the wall and guarantees a completely waterproof wall join. A flange is a hygienic, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Short delivery times

We manufacture our products quickly and with great flexibility. Batch size one production and quick lead times mean we can offer customers very quick delivery, even for made-to-measure products.


Our installation systems are specifically designed for our products, and together they meet the stricter requirements of the SIA 181 “Soundproofing in Building Construction” standard. In addition, if installed correctly, our free-standing bathtubs and two of our whirl systems meet the stricter requirements of soundproofing standard SIA 181 without requiring additional construction measures.


All our bathtubs, shower trays, shower areas and washbasins come with our standard 20-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. The 2-year whirl system guarantee can be extended with a service agreement.